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Video courses are taught by some of the most in-demand and active studio musicians in the world!

When you learn from a studio musician, you're not just getting "ideas" and "theories," you're learning from someone who constantly proves that they are a master of their instrument.

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Why pay up to $200 for a 1 hour lesson with an in-demand studio musician?

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Our courses give you lifetime access to hours of video instruction often for the same price, or less - all from the comfort of your own home!

Informal, yet Engaging.

Videos are shot in a relaxed and conversational manner.

Lessons range from 10-15 minutes and focus on specific topics.

Pause, rewind, or even watch again - you'll never miss a concept!

Fundamentals of Trumpet Playing

a 15-video series with Steve Patrick
$ 199
  • Learn from veteran studio musician Steve Patrick as he explains his approach to:
  • Embouchure, Compression, Tuning
  • Sound, Corners, Fingers, Flexibility
  • Endurance, Range, Single, Tonguing
  • Warming Up and Warming Down

Fundamentals of French Horn Playing

a 13-video series with Jennifer Kummer
$ 199
  • Learn the concepts that have enabled Jennifer to sustain a 30-year studio career:
  • Embouchure, Initial Attack, Sound
  • Warming Up, Pitch Bending, Tuning
  • Fingers, Tonguing, Flexibility
  • Range, Endurance, Sightreading

Fundamentals of Trombone Playing

a 12-video series with Prentiss Hobbs
$ 199
  • Learn the unique approach that has helped Prentiss Hobbs perform at such a high level:
  • Embouchure, Corners, Breath
  • Intonation, Warm Up, Flexibility
  • Endurance, Range, Tonguing
  • Sightreading, Warming Down

Frequently Asked Questions:

Studio musicians are frequently called upon to play some of the most challenging and diverse music ever written. With that expectation, they are continuously improving their skills in all aspects – technique, sightreading, pitch, range, musicality, style, knowledge of equipment, and more! This makes studio musicians uniquely qualified to teach virtually any aspect of playing and performance.

No! The video lessons are intended to teach skills that are important to all musicians, no matter their current skill level.

Each video is pre-recorded and designed to address specific aspects of playing. While it’s not interactive, we hope you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable as you listen and learn from your instructor!

Once you’ve purchased a video series, you will have lifetime access to it!

No, but you can certainly tell people all about our videos! Each video plays directly from the website and can only be viewed through your individual login.

You’ve probably heard them quite a lot and not even known it! See if any of these look familiar!




Whether you watch movies and TV shows or play videogames, studio musicians are the people who bring that music to life!