You’ve heard them for years without even realizing it. 

Now you can take lessons with them!


Lessons with Studio Musicians was first conceptualized in 2020 when veteran studio musician Steve Patrick realized that musicians of all ages around the world were looking for ways to grow and improve their skills online. Lessons with Studio Musicians offers on-demand training from top studio players who record in ALL genres, whether on movies, TV shows, video games, or albums.  While it’s true that many professional players excel at one specific genre, as music continues to diversify at all levels, Lessons with Studio Musicians is simply the best way to be equipped to play every musical style that one may encounter.  Lessons with Studio Musicians offers a wide range of instruction in musical genres and techniques, as well as insights into the music business industry.

Steve also founded Patrick Mouthpieces, which produces mouthpieces for brass instruments (you can find them at

Getting started is quick and easy! Simply register, select a video series, and start learning from a studio musician!